Road Riders for Jesus in Belgium

My wife and I are Christians according to Romans 10:9,10 and have a passion for motorbikes. We live in a little country called Belgium (in Europe). Our purpose was to be a part of a motorbike club like RoadRiders for Jesus M/M . But there's nothing similar to this in Belgium, and probably not in Europe. So, we made contact with Carl and Sally Crackel, the Directors and thanks to their trust, kindness and help, we are now official members of the Riders for Jesus M/M.

It's an honor for us to wear the colors of this motorbike ministry and be a brother and a sister of the great Road Riders for Jesus family.

It is our desire to continue the goals and principles of this ministry here in Belgium and we hope that other Belgian motorcyclists will also become a part and grow with our family.


Frederic &Vanessa

September 2008

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